Organizing In Baton Rouge

Building Parent Power In Louisiana’s Capital!

Having to select from poor quality schools is not a problem unique to New Orleans. A total of 36 schools in Baton Rouge have been given a grade of “D” or “F”, many of them have for multiple years. As we look to create more equitable education system for all students, it’s important we focus our efforts where they are needed! With this in mind, OVNV has taken the initiative to expand to the Baton Rouge area on top of our existing work in Orleans and Jefferson parish. We have already formed two parent champion circles at Crestworth Elementary and Capitol High and are about to launch two more at other schools in the area! Our community organizer, Ledidra, has been doing an amazing job leading our efforts in Baton Rouge. We are excited as to be building power with these incredible parents.

We look forward to building and organizing more parents in Baton Rouge to demand better educational opportunities for their children!