¡DALE! Teacher Fellowship

0 English Language Learners

More than 2,700 students in New Orleans are English Language Learners (ELL) and that population continues to grow. In 2019, the average ACT score for high school students who were ELL was 15, far below the national average ACT score of 20.8. Overall, the graduation rate for students who are ELL in New Orleans in 2019 was only 40.1%.

To support these students, OVNV is dedicated to building the capacity of our teachers and supporting them as leaders in our city.


  • Instructional leadership
  • Deep, equity-rooted learning
  • Interpersonal understanding and communication
  • Reasoning and strategic thinking
  • Advocacy and organizing


  • Supporting students who are EL
  • Developing robust school tools
  • Creating structural changes via capstone project


  • Creating school community that is inclusive of students who are EL
  • Designing and implementing features for positive school culture

Meet the 2019-2020 ¡D.A.L.E! Cohort from Rosenwald, Success Prep, Wilson, and KIPP Frederick Douglass

Alexandre Smith

Director of Mental Health Services at Rosenwald Collegiate

Sonia Scott

SDI Math Teacher and Case Manager at Rosenwald Collegiate

Morgan Jones

10th Grade Level Chair and Algebra I Teacher at Rosenwald Collegiate

Alejandra Ruiz de Porras

ELL Teacher at Success Prep @ Thurgood Marshall

Brent Chapuis

2nd Grade Teacher at Success Prep @ Thurgood Marshall

Jasmin Zobrist

K-2 Assistant Principal & Director of English Learner Services at Success Prep @ Thurgood Marshall

Kaitlyn Bruce

High School Science Achievement Manager at KIPP New Orleans

Lilliana Raphael

High School ESL Teacher at KIPP New Orleans

Olivia Morales

World History Educator and Curriculum Writer

Trina Payne

5th & 6th Grade Science Teacher at Andrew H. Wilson Charter School

Kelly Tetreau

ELL Coordinator at Andrew H. Wilson Charter School

Hannah Young

4th Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher