About Us

Our Journey

OVNV was founded in 2015 to organize parents to expand quality educational access for students in New Orleans. We needed to create a more equitable system, and we needed to ensure that any reforms, recommendations, or campaigns we executed were grounded in what parents and communities identified as needs. In order to identify those needs, we needed to organize parents and hear their voices. We focused our initial efforts in the Latinx community given it was the community with the greatest need. By approaching parents in car lines and conducting one-on-one meetings with parents, we set out to build authentic relationships in the Latinx and Spanish speaking communities, learn about the obstacles they faced, and devise solutions for providing a better education for Latinx learners.
Since our founding, we have expanded to focus our work on the issues faced by both Black and Brown communities. Acknowledge the intersection of issues we have also expanded our work to focus on criminal justice and immigration in addition to education.Black and Brown communities are growing and will soon be the majority in America. This is an opportunity to build a collective power, as both communities face similar, systemic challenges. American political, social, and economic systems have categorically and systematically disadvantaged our communities. We must organize to tear down those oppressive systems and concurrently develop the leadership to build new systems of governance that prioritize equity and justice.
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