The 2019 Louisiana Community Power Summit

The 2019 Louisiana Community Power Summit

On May 18th 2019, Our Voice Nuestra Voz, in partnership with other statewide community partners, hosted the Louisiana Community Power Summit– a first-of-its-kind gathering to build community and power among community members from all over the state.

New Orleans’ first social justice festival created a space where people from across our neighborhoods, city, and state could gather to build community, gain information, and take action on issues that matter to our people–issues of education, immigration, and criminal justice.

A tremendous thank you to our partners who created engaging sessions on school discipline, the experiences of immigrant youth, childhood trauma, Special Education, juvenile transfer, and grade-level readiness. We are honored by the young people who courageously shared their stories in these sessions and moved our community to action! We extend our gratitude to legendary musical acts DJ Jubilee, Ms. Tee, and Jose Fermín Ceballos for bringing the festival vibe! Lastly, we appreciate the generous sponsorship from our donors: Urban League of Louisiana, The Juror Project, Foundation for Louisiana, The Walton Family Foundation, Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), Bike Easy, and Big Easy Bucha.

Through music, dance, yoga, spoken word, heartfelt testimonials, videos, and engaging sessions, we brought communities together and cultivated a kinship that is needed to make changes in our state.

Louisiana, let’s continue to build! Follow us on social media to stay connected to the work we’re doing. See all the pictures from the event on our Facebook page and tag yourself and your friends.