Louisiana Community Power Summit


Parents are often overwhelmed by the busyness of daily life. Siloed in our own communities, we are left to fight our issues independently. The Louisiana Community Power Summit aims to massively expand parent power by connecting parents from all over the state who are all facing similar issues in their schools, districts, and communities. Together, participants will build their collective power around education, immigration, and criminal justice. Parents will foster community by building connections with parents from all over the state. Rather than just focusing on individual issues, or a single city’s issues, parents will take on the issues that they all face together. They will gain information through keynote speakers, panels, and on-site resources. They will take action by participating in break-out sessions and workshops, heeding calls to action from speakers, and participating in next steps through our larger organizing network. New Orleans location announced soon! To attend, register below for free!

Check out our amazing partners helping to make the Louisiana Community Power Summit happen!